Live Streaming for Churches 101: Software & More

Live streaming for churches provides an essential service for the community. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, many religious organizations began to change their worship format to incorporate live streaming church services. Even as restrictions relax, many religious organizations have realized they can reach a larger audience by using church live streaming software. But finding the […]

5 Tips for Implementing Effective Hybrid Work from Home Policies

The jury has come back on our COVID-sponsored remote work experiment, and it looks like the American workforce has voted to keep work-from-home arrangements. CNBC reports that fully remote or hybrid work-from-home models are now in effect at some of the biggest employers in the U.S., including Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter. As we move […]

4 Winning Video Conferencing Tactics That Help Sales Teams

One year into the pandemic, most businesses have realized two things: Remote work is the new reality You don’t need to meet someone in person to do business with them While we’re all finding ways to cope with the situation, business has to move on and sales have to be closed. The good news is […]

How to Set Up a Conference Room for Video Conferencing

The normalizing of virtual teams was one of the big cultural changes that came from the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, how we communicate has changed, and virtual video conferencing has become a tool many organizations use regularly to communicate with their dispersed teams and the clients they serve. Remote work and hybrid models, which merge working […]

How to Turn Your Webinars into Marketing Content

Marketing content is still relevant. Neil Patel puts it this way, “Content marketing continues to flourish for one very simple reason: it’s what the people want. They don’t want intrusive banners, ads, and popups.” The numbers also tell the story that content is still king: Compared to other tactics, content marketing costs 62% less but […]