Digital marketing enhancements for increase sales conversion

Over the last decade, mobile phones have accounted for a growing share of worldwide online traffic. As of August 2022, mobile phones accounted for 59.4 percent of all online traffic. If we go back a decade to 2012, this percentage was a paltry 10.88 percent. Fast forward to 2017, and the share of online traffic […]

How to Track Customers without Cookies? Our Helpful Guide to CRM Remarketing

Third-party cookies have been the foundation of retargeting ads for over a decade, with Facebook, Google, and Amazon all using them. Retargeting ads are online advertisements that target consumers based on previous internet behavior. If a customer abandoned a product in a shopping cart, a company selling the product can present it to them again […]

Unlock Success This Year with Powerful Lifecycle Marketing Techniques

In the digital economy, who can gain the most clients isn’t as important as who can maintain their loyalty over time. Understanding the course of a customer’s journey with your brand is essential for developing brand loyalty. It assists you in determining how, when, and where to communicate with a consumer to maximize engagement. If […]

Why An Omnichannel Marketing Approach is Right For Your Small Business

Imagine that you’re someone who works from home, and as lunchtime is approaching, you decide you would rather eat something from a restaurant than make it yourself. With a limited amount of time, which restaurant would you choose: 1. Somewhere you have to go into the restaurant, wait in line to order, and wait for […]

What Can AI-Enabled Chatbots Do For Your Business?

If you’re unfamiliar, AI-enabled chatbots may sound like a wacky plot point in a science fiction story. The truth is, they’re already here, and you’ve probably already interacted with them. Don’t believe us? Here are a few examples: Since 2008, Buoy Health and CVS MinuteClinics have teamed up to use AI-enabled chatbots to help patients. […]