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Welcome to BP Social

A social media marketing software designed to help your business manage clients, online campaigns, and website content via our unified platform. Our Web based software and platform enables your company or organization to store digital assets in a centralized repository, manage a content library, conduct engagement analytics, and generate custom reports. 

It offers a variety of features such as data export, collaboration, brand tracking, keyword filtering, an activity dashboard, and more. BP Social allows administrators to schedule social media posts and add blogs, YouTube channels, Shopify stores, and other relevant data sources to content libraries. The application also lets you or your employees configure posts based on Twitter and Google Search trends and directly respond to audiences’ comments and mentions in real-time. 

BP Social facilitates integration with various third-party platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, linkedIn, ticktock, Slack, Google Drive, Canva, YouTube, Pinterest, and more. It also enables managers to calculate return on investments (ROIs) and gain insights into various metrics related to cost per engagement (CPE), cost per impression, and cost per follower.

We are the last SMM software you need to become a Business Pro.

The BP Social platform lets you dive in and scale your social marketing immediately with minimal learning curve. And if you get stuck…. we offer “Real Human Support”




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Increase your brand & Business awareness through the Most Powerful Social Media Management tool and Platform on the market today. Manage FB,IG, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, ticktock, LinkedIn and any other external Social platform you wish to connect with an unlimited reach

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Monthly Cost

$199 for 5 brands

$1,531 for 5 brands

Free Trial

Included in BP Digial Automation System

90 days

Limited Free Plan

Scheduling Content

Platforms Supported

Weekly Schedules

Drip Schedules

Content Recycling

Content Library

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Trend Triggers


Live Feed

Deep Historical Analysis

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Browser Extension

Media Types

Image | Gif | Video

Image | Gif | Video

Agency Features

Manage Multiple Brands

Client Approvals

Multiple Users


BP Social Media Management Platform

  • $300/mnth with 5 clients account 

  • + $25/mnth per additional client Account 

  • SRP $85/mth 

  • $45/ per additional workspace